San Jose, CA 
Moving Boxes for Rent
Frequently Asked Questions
Are you a moving company?  No, we are not a moving company.  We simply deliver moving boxes and packing supplies to your door and pick them up at your new place.  If you need a mover we know of some great local companies that can help you with anything you need.

Are you in my town? Go Green Box currently delivers in Santa Clara County. If you live within a 30 mile radius of San Jose, we can get to you no problem, however a fuel surcharge may be added. 

How do I order?  Give Go Green Box a call 408.914.5314 or send us an email at  We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and cash.  At this time we do not accept checks.  

How do I pick my delivery date? Give a Go Green Box rental specialist a call, they will make sure boxes are available for your desired date.

How far in advance do I need to reserve the boxes? Please give us about a week so we can be sure to have boxes waiting for you, but we understand if you need them tomorrow.  Just give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

Is delivery & pickup included? Yes!  Free delivery and pickup is included. (Within a certain radius of San Jose, outside of radius a small fuel surcharge will be added)

How long do I get to keep the boxes? Depending on how many you rent you get to keep them for two weeks or one month.  If you need more time don't worry, just call us and let us know you need to keep the boxes and we can rent them to you at one week increments for a reduced rate.

How many boxes do I need? This is the hardest question of all because it has so many factors.  Please call us at 408-914-5314 and our packing specialists will be happy to help you figure out how many boxes you will need.

Will you pack my stuff for me? No, we do not pack the boxes for you.  We know of some great local moving companies that can help you with anything you need.

Are the boxes clean? Absolutely!!  After every use, we sanitize each green box inside and out. We inspect each box to make sure its lid is in proper working order.

Do you sell packing materials? Yes, we have everything you need to move your belongings safely to your new home. Everything is environmentally friendly and cheaper than the old supplies.  We carry Puffy Stuff (packing peanuts), Geami wrap (bubble wrap), and recycled newsprint wrapping paper.

Can I keep a few boxes?  Yes, if you need a great place to store your stuff or just don't feel like unpacking, we can sell you the boxes for $20 each.

What if I break/paint/crack/melt/destroy a box?  After delivering thousands of boxes this year we still have yet to see one destroyed, even the one that fell off of a trailer while driving down the Interstate @ 70+ mph. If you do somehow destroy one though we will have to charge you the replacement cost of the box.